CJ Hello’s Value Management for Community

We are trying to contribute to foster the society living together by creating
the sharing value covering a harmonization with local community.
Social contribution camp for sharing activity with all employees
Social contribution camp for sharing activity with all employees image

We are carrying out the social contribution activity by local community under ‘Sharing platform of local community’.
This is advanced as social contributing ‘Think-tank’ which solves a problem of community through proactive understanding, and put the sharing activity into practice for local community.

Establishment of networks for community’s safe – Disaster/Great accidents
Rapid disaster broadcast image
Rapid disaster broadcast

We are operating news flash system to announce the status of local community with the manual, if any disasters occur thereof.
We supported to deliver any accidents by real-time breaking news and SNS by each local broadcasting company, for example, during the earthquake in Kyung-ju, 2016, forest fire in Gangneung, 2017, and also earthquake in Pohang, this year.

Voluntary work of employees and restoration support image
Voluntary work of employees and restoration support

We visit to the site for meeting people who suddenly experienced disasters to encourage, and provide different supporting programs which help to restore the damage and reconstruct the homes and lives that were lost.

Contribution of social problem solving by communicating technology
Improvement of broadcasting accessibility image
Improvement of broadcasting accessibility
  • - We started to provide ‘Ear-dream’, voice guidance service in the world first to improve the accessibility of TV for blind. As this ‘Ear-dream’ service is to extend the media accessibility and improve a convenience of broadcast for underprivileged people to the media, it provides screen information and menu, including voice guidance service if when use VOD.
  • - As we have selected as a business partner to demonstrate the smart sign language broadcast service, we developed it for a hearing-impaired person providing size adjustment of sign language image, change of location, split-screen function and so forth.
Prevention of elder’s lonely death image
Prevention of elder’s lonely death

We provide ‘An-boo Alarm; referring to notify about how he/she is doing well’ which informs abnormal symptoms by analyzing the routine watching pattern of TV in advance to avoid lonely death of an elder who lives alone, because the elder’s death alone is social issues in this aging society.